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Through brutal honesty and concrete advice, the Reluctant Genius effectively helps you manage all aspects of your job and career. With 18 years of experience in Hollywood, the RG has figured out how to make it to the top AND SURVIVE, somewhat unscathed.

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I've been asked hundreds of job-related questions over the years, but most of you are complete stress bags (and, frankly, clueless) about interviewing and closing the deal. For those of you in the entertainment world, you need to be looking for work as often as you fill your car with gas. If you're not in entertainment and not looking for work as often as you fill-up, YOU SHOULD BE! With today's economic state, you need to cover your proverbial booty! Today we’ll start with PART ONE OF INTERVIEW HELL. If you don’t interview well, you won’t get the gig. Duh.

Here are the top 11 ways you screw up your interviews:

* You don't ACT* like you want this job more than anything in the world!

• You don't know about the person you're meeting with AND IT SHOWS!

* You don't care about (or like) the person you're interviewing with AND IT SHOWS!

* You're clueless about the position you're interviewing for AND IT SHOWS!

* You say, "No, I don't have any questions," when asked if you have any questions! Aaaarghh!

* You don't humbly brag* about your past achievements!

* You don't weave in examples of work you've done in the past that APPLIES to this position!

* You believe that you should just act like yourself and that will be enough. Ha!

* You are a booooooring interviewee!


And if all of these issues aren't bad enough, the #1 reason you screw up the interview:

You don't FOLLOW-UP – not even with a thank you card -- and you still believe they'll call you if they want to hire you! Are you kidding? This is where I want to reach through this screen, berate you for being an idiot, and then drag you by your hair to the nearest unemployment office!

In the interest of blogging brevity, I'm going to try to sum up how to get it together and stop doing whatever it is doing (or not doing) that's getting in the way of you and that job. More will be covered in follow-up blogs and my book, but if you’re in crisis mode and need immediate help, email me at tmazuer@gmail.com and I can consult you through your personal process.

In the meantime, here are the basics. Think about all this stuff BEFORE EVERY INTERVIEW (better yet, write it all down):

Know the job responsibilities and what type of person they're looking for to fill this position. Is this a new position or would you be replacing someone? What are the responsibilities?

Show that you care by having researched the product, company, or situation. For entertainment peeps, what’s the show? If they say it’s “confidential,” see if they’ll at least tell you if it’s reality, documentary, scripted, etc… You must have some idea of what you’re walking into so you can be prepared!

And here’s a big one:
*ACT like you want the job more than anything else in the world! If you don’t honestly believe that having this job would be your nirvana, then BULLSHIT your way through! You must make them believe that you think this is the best gig with the most talented people on the planet! Let them think you would cluck like a chicken in full feathers down 42nd Street singing their theme song if it meant you could have the opportunity to work on THIS PROJECT with THEM.

Remember, they believe themselves to be brilliant and their projects are a reflection of their egos. Make them feel like the kings and queens they believe themselves to be.

TRUST ME THAT ENTHUSIASM SELLS! It’s how I got the job as Co-Executive Producer on the top-rated NBC show, The Biggest Loser. I was freaking excited! I told them how excited I was! I showed it. I smiled. I knew the product. I had ideas. The TRUTH was, I wanted the job because it was 3 minutes away from my home (and in LA that’s impossible)! That was the TRUTH, but the BULLSHIT was that I thought it was the greatest show ever produced.

But even if you have to bullshit to get the job, you'd better kick ass while DOING the job. That's the key to getting your next one. Duh.

MORAL: Don't go in half-assed to any meeting. Do the work to get the job.

LAURA INGRAM -- "DON'T COME IN MY EAR" -- This sums up life in TV



Tracy Mazuer’s coaching skills are entirely responsible for elevating my career and status in the television industry. Tracy has recognized and helped to define a vital yet consistently overlooked part of building and maintaining a successful career in the entertainment industry – how to successfully market yourself.

I have worked in television as a Producer/Director for many years. Prior to discovering Tracy’s abilities, I promoted myself so poorly that...(read more of this testimonial)

"In a town that really has no rules, its nice to know that there's someone out there on your side. The stories use the entertainment business as a background, but all the examples and lessons are applicable to anyone in the working world. And coming from someone that has been getting advice from the Reluctant Genius for over 8 years, let me just say...Its worth the read!" - David Tobin, Producer

"Tracy has been a great coach and mentor to me in my current job search. Having worked for the same companies for many years, my idea of networking was to call my past employers and beg for work. With Tracy’s help I have re-energized my job search, making new contacts and taking meetings more successfully. Her positive and pro-active approach has given me a new way to “work the room.” I feel more in control and positive in meetings than I have in years. Thank you, Tracy." -J.G. Writer/Producer

"Tracy Mazuer's advice and guidance not only helped me to overcome my fears of asking for what I want (and become successful at getting it); she also helped me to realize the true value of my worth to the creative world! After consulting with "The Reluctant Genius", I landed more meetings, got my ideas more streamlined, and most importantly learned the sacred art of kicking ass! She is a rockstar in the consulting world! I would recommend "The Reluctant Genius" to anyone who is looking to get what they want!" --Johnny Appleseed (aka Shawn Colin Young)

"Tracy Mazuer's genius has saved me from many heartaches and headaches. I was reluctant to be as bold as I am in business until I started working with Tracy. She helped me take what I learned in the independent world and bring it to a larger audience. Tracy is part of the genius behind the creation of Stirring Up Trouble! If you are ready to go to the next level (no matter what level you're at) then you must consult with 'The Reluctant Genius' I don't know what I would have done without her!" -filmmaker, writer and host of Stirring Up Trouble
Tracy has a way of teaching you something without pointing her finger, being condescending or coming at it from a “I know it all” attitude, because frankly she doesn’t and nobody does, but she admits it, and that is what makes her “real” and most certainly approachable! Tracy has a way with words and people, truly a gift and surely something that can’t be taught, but she treats you like her equal. She has always been my boss, never vice versa but it’s always seemed as though we were fighting the same battle and we were at war side by side. (read more...)

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